Featured in LOOKSLIKEFILM, 2015
Featured in Photographer's Forum Magazine, 2013
Featured in V8/I1 of Coraddi Art Magazine, 2015



My name is Lorenzo and I'm a professional photographer & content creator.  I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro where my major concentration was social/cultural psychology & my minors were Studio Fine Arts/Photography & Spanish Studies. 

In hopes to grow both my portfolio and professional network, I work with people who seek carefully thought out pictures and desire moments that normally go unseen. I'm obsessed with organically curating shoots and weddings that bring psychological and compelling reactions. Photography has enabled me to tell stories and to visually communicate. My goal is to captivate, confuse and inspire. 

I live in, but not limited to, North Carolina. I love to document my travels through my blog posts & I drink way too much coffee. I plan to be more relevant in both the fashion and brand culture industries with plans to relocate soon with my professional make-up artist who happens to be my talented sister, Diana. Check her out at 


oh yeah, follow my daily adventures on instagram @lorenzopedro